My Return…

It has been more than a year since I last wrote. Chalk it up to two strokes after I returned from Ireland in 2017. It was the end of August and a hurricane was headed toward the Keys. Two of my wife’s friends where at the house (thankfully) and when I started to black out they drove me to the hospital.

About two-hours later, sitting in the ER and after having a brain  scan, I began to feel better. Uncharacteristically, I listened to the doctors and was taken to a hospital in Miami. Two and a half days later they released me.

I needed to be under a doctor’s care and all the doctors in Key West were evacuating as the hurricane got closer.

To make a long story short (?) I had another relapse in North Carolina and my daughter Seanan drove from NY to get me. The day she arrived, I felt fine and I followed her back to NY in my car. When we were within the distance for a free tow from AAA, we stopped to eat and called the tow company.

One morning in NY, I woke with the side of my head numb. The numbness moved down my right side. My son-in-law got to me a hospital in NJ where a neighbor is the business manager.

Two and a  half days (again) and I was released. Had a great doctor. She was from Russia and did her internship in NYC.

By the time I drove back to Key West, the hurricane had devastated the area . Luckily, the trees in the front of  my house fell toward the street and took out our fence, but the house was livable.

Believe  it or not, we have just recently received our insurance check and are in the process of getting the house back into shape. I can’t complain because I know people only a few miles north of us that lost almost everything and have to rebuild.

I worked on a book in Ireland and got most of it written –  MISTAKEN IDENTITY – that has two section. Dublin & Key West. The Dublin part covers a drug war that is really going on today and my Irish friends convinced me to change the bad guys names. I did.

I mentioned most of this in my last post, but wanted to let everyone catch up and I wanted ask your forgiveness for taking so long in posting.

More about the book  in my next post. I hope some of my readers are still there. If so, let me know and thank you for reading.

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