As Time Goes By . . .

Things have been going downhill now for a few weeks. Minor out-patient surgery, then a stroke that got me to Miami for a weekend and, of course, the hurricane hitting Key West only miles from my house.

As the hurricane got closer, all services in Key West were canceled, in including medical. I decided to drive to my daughter’s house in West Nyack, NY. Somewhere been I-81 in Va., and my daughter’s house I had another stroke. My son-in-law Paul got me to the hospital in NJ where he knew people.

Accept for a slower than normal memory of people’s names, I am fine. If I continue to feel good, I will head back to a messy situation in Key West next Monday. I have no droopy eye or limp arm. I am told if I could choose the type of stroke to have, I chose right. apparently, vessels in the back of my head burst. Will it happen again? Maybe, maybe not. Medical science!

According to my wife, who stayed behind, the house has minor damage but the once landscaped yard is a mess. Three trees down and plants . . . well there ain’t no plants!

We certainly made out better than folks only 30-miles or so north of us in Big Pine and Marathon. Many of the homes in the middle and upper Keys were destroyed.

I am only 50 or so pages from completing my novel, Mistaken Identity, but with illness and worry over my family and house in Key West, I haven’t been able to find the imputes to writer! Maybe when I get home to my desk and books surrounding  me the story will finally come to an end.

Stay tuned. Would like to hear from any of you that are stroke survivors.


9 thoughts on “As Time Goes By . . .

    1. Are you still coming to Key West? The island opens for business to everyone this coming weekend. Open now really, but officially on Sunday.
      Hoping to see you twins in Paradise!


    1. JJ, doing okay at my daughter’s house in NY. Celine rode out the storm and the house (and her & the pets) came through with minor damage. We live in a stilt house – 8-feet off the ground to avoid flooding – and only had minor roof damage. The lower years lost all three threes and many, many plants. All cars are working and avoided the flood because Celine moved them to higher ground. Hopefully will feel well enough for the three-day drive home early next week. Turning cool up here, so I crave the warmth of Key West! Keep writing amigo. Hugs to the Mrs.!


    1. Am doing okay just stuck here in NY. Might try driving back next Monday. Getting old is a bitch. Glad your condo is okay. Our house came thru with minor roof damage, but livable, however the downstairs is lost! Stilt house. Three threes down – toward the street so thankful for little things.
      Be safe amigo. Looking forward to the next book.


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