Back to normal – whatever that is!

I arrived back from Dublin, Ireland last week on Wednesday night. I went from 6 weeks of cool weather to HOT! The Keys have been seeing 90-degree temps and it looks as if it will continue for a while. Right now, as I write this, the tail end of the tropical storm hitting Tampa is dumping rain with winds on my house. Welcome home!

Dublin has always been a good place for me to write. Maybe my Muse lives there and waits for me to visit. I wish she’d stop being so elusive!

In the three and a half weeks before Celine arrived, I wrote about six chapters. I took the few remaining days of last week off and started writing again today – and only watched about 15-minutes of Morning Joe. I finished chapter 52 that I began in Dublin and almost finished chapter 53.

When I say I took days off, it doesn’t mean the story didn’t ramble around in my head. I have the ending, a good twist (I think) and pretty sure I know how to work up to  it. Will the characters let me, is always the question. Will one of them say or do something that will force me to change my direction?

I wrote from about 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. a little longer than usual, but the story and dialogue flowed and I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes that’s how it happens. It all falls into place and there’s no need to sweat blood. Wish it was like that all the time.

I’m reading Don Bruns’ new book, Thrill Kill, set in New Orleans. This is the 2nd in his new series and it’s fantastic! Reading helps clear my head and it also shows me how other writers present situations. If you can’t borrow from other writers, why write?

By that, of course, I mean when I see some fantastic writing I will re-read it. Go back and see how  the writer worked up to it. It’s a learning process I go through. Learning is the secret of writing. Reading is the secret of learning.  Learn everything you can. I even learn when I read bad writing. I try to find out where the writer went wrong and hope to avoid the problem in my writing.

If you see my Muse, send her home!

                           Below are the friends I left behind in Dublin. I miss them.



2 thoughts on “Back to normal – whatever that is!

  1. Welcome back! We got here in Key West yesterday while it was hot! Now today, afternoon, on our way to happy hour at the Conch Republic it came down hard and the wind was strong. Go away Emily. Maybe we’ll see you at Harpoon’s. Happy writing.


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