Writing in Dublin to keep warm

It’s kind of good to know the weather forecasters in Ireland are no better than the ones in the States. There have been a few good days (warm in Ireland seems to be the mid-60s) but more cloudy and cold days. Yesterday was the first time since arriving that I went without a sweater and actually carried my coat downtown. A sidewalk lunch day! And I took advantage of it. The weather can’t dampen my love of Ireland. That’s why I keep returning!

The chilly, stay-in weather has been good for my writing. I finished chapter 50 today. I seem to get up, chilly cottage, make espresso and get to work on the computer. Almost like the good old days before my addiction to Morning Joe and the political bruhaha out of Washington.

Without the distraction of news programs 24/7 on what’s happening, I am enjoying the writing/editing again. However, in chapter 50 I’ve worked in the Russian/Cyprus banking scandal into my book. If nothing else, out of months of TV new viewing, I did get to use that information.

Earlier in the week I took the train to Bray and had lunch with Darrel Darker and JJ Toner (who, unfortunately, is no relation to the people who own Toner’s Pub in Dublin). It was nice to get out and about a bit.

I am about to head out to the Temple Bar district to meet Laurence O’Bryan, who was one of the first writers I met in Dublin. It’s almost too chilly for a pint. Almost! Anyway, I’m going to wear my Irish sweater, so that should help keep me warm.

Chapter 51 tomorrow. Kind of like the old bar in Key West that had a sign hanging outside: FREE BEER TOMORROW.

Photo: Darren (left) JJ and a bundled up me!

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