How’d that happen?

On Sunday I finished chapter 35 and all of chapter 36. Another good day of writing and avoiding television. I even got more than halfway through chapter 37. I’d spent most of Sunday evening going over the chapters, making changes and was satisfied with them.

As I said in the last post, my subconscious kicks into full throttle when I’m sleeping. Usually, when I wake in the morning it remains dormant but the result of its work are stored in whatever part of my brain I use for writing.

Usually, that’s how it works. Sunday night, probably more early Monday morning my subconscious shook me awake and helped me realize I’d put Pauly into chapter 36 and he didn’t belong there. I lay awake and thought about the chapter and knew I had done it!

I keep a reporter’s note pad next to my bed and got up and jotted down a note to make changes to the chapter. I do this because if I went back to sleep thinking I’d rembmer, I probably wouldn’t. I’ve proven that in the past and know something good had slipped away!

Today when I got to my laptop I checked chapter 36 and about halfway into it I somehow had Pauly making a comment. I went back and read from the beginning. Pauly hasn’t been on the scene for a few chapters, but there he was in the middle of a conversation.

Of course, it should have been Bob talking. It didn’t take much to fix but I did wonder how it happened. How’d I miss the mistake while going over the chapter Sunday night? Was I so caught up with the chapters that brought Padre Thomas back  into the storyline that I wrote Pauly because I knew he was coming up  in another chapter or that Burt had arrived and mentioned Pauly?

My subconscious knew! And thankfully got the message to me.

Sometimes  my thoughts about what’s coming gets ahead of me when I am writing. Kind of like I want to hurry and catch up. My editor and friends who read the chapters before the book is published would’ve loved to catch that mistake. And I am thankful when they do find something or question something I’ve written. It makes for a better story.

I am also thankful that my subconscious works when I am at play or sleeping and sometimes talks to me when I’m awake.

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