Rainy day writing

It rained overnight and now it’s drizzling. A good time to make a cafe con leche and write. I am working  on chapter 33, it continues in the graveyard where chapter 32 ended.

I spent the first part of the morning reading over and making changes to chapter 32. My mind seems to work faster than my fingers, when it comes to writing. I am always finding a sentence where I’ve left out a word. Thankfully, Word warms me when I type the same word twice.

Someone asked me at a book signing if I re-read my books after they are published. My answer was “No.” I did, in the beginning, read the first book. I think any writer who re-reads his/her work will always find places he/she would do differently or should have done differently.

What I’ve convinced myself of is that I did the  best I could do and with each book should be getting better. Of course, it’s the reader who lets us know if we are doing better. Could be the sales or an email, but the reader is the decision maker.

Guess it’s time to try to finish chapter 33. Have some bad guys to shoot and Mick Murphy has some bad news coming! Still raining!

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