A few day off but I accomplished a lot; writing in my head

Last Thursday we headed to the mainland. The normal two-and-a-half hour drive took more like three-and-a-half. Caught behind small cars towing big boats, motor homes towing cars and delivery trucks returning to Miami. While there’s a few places along US 1 where the speed limit is 50 or 55 mph, most of the two-lane road is posted 45 mph.

I used the long, slow ride to run my current work-in-progress through my head. Riding helps me think. Of course, this time Celine was along and I had to block out her radio choices. I like to listen to Kristofferson & Waylon.

Chapter 32 is going to be longer than my usual chapters. Readers don’t want long. Some of us call it “The USA Today” syndrome.  USA Today, all the news you need in ten inches or less of copy! People today are in a hurry and long chapters scare them! I guess if you’re on the NY Times’ bestseller list it may make a different. Most of the people on that list are repeat offenders. They’re safe to read and never disappoint the readers. While those of us new to the game have to hang around the table hoping scraps will fall and we can grab them.

That’s for another blog post. Look for it.

Anyway, on the ride I figured a way to put some action into the chapter. Without having to issue a spoiler alert, I can say it involves the Key West Cemetery and this time during the mid-morning hours!

On the ride home I ran the idea through my head again, made some adjustments and am ready to begin. I Googled a map of the cemetery, though I’ve walked through it many times. I will use it for reference so I get things right. While not the New Orleans’ cemetery, the Key West Cemetery is unique with its mixture of grave stones and crypts.

I haven’t wasted my four-days off. I’ve been catching up on my reading. Right now I’m reading Police At The Station and They Don’t Look Friendly, by Adrian McKinty. I’m a big fan of his writing.

Reading is as important to writing as writing is! When people tell me they don’t have time to read and write. I feel sorry for them.

Morning Joe is still kidnapping my mornings! Hope someone is taking notes because a spectacular thriller is unraveling in Washington – no matter how it turns out!

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